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Player's Name: Nagi
What Kingdom Hearts games have you played/watched/read?: KH1, KH2, through sora's side f chain of memories and also played part of birth by sleep.
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Character: Serah Farron
Series: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Version: Canon
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Serah stands at an average 5'5" with a small building, she's very thin so she does not have much curvature to her body. She usually is seen wears light closing that covers her body but she has a feminine look to her overall presentation. Serah also has cotton candy coloured hair, a large part of it is pulled to the right side in a ponytail, mimicking Lightning to a degree.

She has a heart-shaped face, pale complexion and dark blue eyes that stand out against her pale skin. Serah isn't one who would be considered beautiful, she's more simple and cute-looking because she has youthful feminine features.

Many people view Serah as being goal driven, intelligent, sensitive, mature, soft-hearted and genuinely kind. While she was young, she lost her parents and Lightning went into the army for the sake of both of them so she could make money, Serah felt that she needed to do Light's approach the same way but academically. This was her goal, a promise she made to herself, to make something out of her life because she didn't want to be another tragedy. Due to being highly educated, specifically studying in History, she was always tutoring other students which meant that she made many friends because she liked to help others when they are in need.

The Two sisters are alike in ways but Serah finds that having a group of people is better than handling things alone, she's been very independent ever since her sister is never around. Serah is one who never makes a decision without thinking it over thoroughly, she doesn't run into danger unnecessarily because, for the most part, she is no warrior like Lightning until FFXIII-2. She has a very optimist point of view and strives to do the right thing, it doesn't matter if it's hard for her, she'll do it anyway or try her damned best. She is very likeable to other people she knows because she is open-minded, mature and allows others to share if something is bothering them down deep. When Vanille was her friend, she was there for her after knowing her for a short time, giving her advice and comfort in a mothering sort of way. It was probably this social, sweet demeanor that grabbed Snow's attention in the first place.

Even though she seems to have a strong outer shell to many, to those that know her very well she can often be sensitive and fragile emotionally. Serah doesn't like to burden people with her problems and when she learned that she was a Pulse L'cie, she kept it from everyone for a very long time, she feared becoming a Ceith but she did not want anyone to worry about her. When something is deeply bothering her, she is very distant and secretive and will often do something drastic to get people away from her. It bothered her to break-up with Snow but she figured he would never want her knowing her fate and he'd be better off if he forgot. Thankfully, Snow refused to give up or give in and was there for her, giving her the courage she needed to tell her sister. When she was shot down and told that her sister would "get rid of her", she was hurt beyond measure and kept away from her sister and because she was not able to be constantly saved by Snow, she was grabbed by Anima and eventually turned to Crystal.

Even on the brink of what she considered "death", she as still able to tell her sister and Snow what she wanted, even if Lightning wanted nothing to do with her.

During the events of FFXIII-2, the people she loves most are gone and she feels secretly abandoned by them. Serah tries to forget and keep her mind off what she remembers actually happened and becomes a teacher, being very strict in her classes. She seems to be waiting around until Noel appears, his positive demeanor is very positive to hers which had been often waning to begin with.

She finds that she can change things if she goes with Noel, she immediately accepts him and while many doubt him, she does not which proves that she is not close-minded at all. During this game, she grows-up a lot and shows that she has a willingness to never stop trying, never stop moving forward until she figures out what she came to do. She seems to be much of a supporter of Noel as he is to her, she will never ever run from her problems if she has them and will face them head-on now that she can defend herself.

It shows that she cares more about doing what is right than what is easy because the gift of Eyes of Etro's would slowly take her life away and all she wanted was to correct what was wrong. Not just for herself, for Noel and everyone, it didn't matter if her life was forfeit or not.

Abilities: Serah has magic since she became a L'cie and then afterwards because of Pulse's issue with time.

Commando: Build attack chains more easily with enhanced Strength, using physical attacks.
Ravager: Charge enemy chain gauges with concentrated attacks, using magical spells. She specializes in this.
Synergist: Uses enhancing magic to make a character stronger, buffing them so to speak.
Sabetour: Enfeebling the enemy by casting things to make them weaker by comparison. She specializes in this.
Sentinel: Shield allies from enemy attacks with enhanced Defense.
Medic: Heals allies with magic. She specializes in this.

Eyes of Etro: This is a ability she's give that allows her to see a far future or a nearer future. This gift from the goddess takes an extreme toll on the body, resulting in a premature death.

Weapon of Choice: She carries a Bowsword that can be used as a bow and arrow combination and a sword with an extra wide hilt too. She carries the Indrajit, it carries a 50% ATB charge. So she moves a little faster in battle than normal.

Character Strength: I explained them in the personality section, but I'll bullet list them here.

• Goal Driven: Once she's decided something, she's going to see it through, no matter what.
• Loyalty: She's loyal to her friends and family, she believes in doing whatever she can and not running away if it means leaving them behind.
• Mature: She is very wise beyond her ears from being highly educated and being independent at a young age.
• Strong Will: Serah, in the face of defeat, will never give up.

Character Weaknesses:

• Sensitive: Serah is extremely sensitive to things people say, it would be noteworthy to say even the smallest thing can sometimes deeply hurt her. For example, when Snow says that their engagement is still on hold, she is clearly upset but says nothing.

• Heavy Stress: Serah cannot handle a heavy amount of stress all at once, she is one who will run away and cry. She can make rash decisions and often say things that she might not have otherwise. Serah is not a mountain of rock like her sister is and she feels everything down deep. Example: When she is a branded a L'cie, instead of being honest, she shoves Snow away and breaks up with him, assuming he's be better off.

• Open: She is open and rarely hides things, this makes it easier for others to sometimes take advantage of her because she is easily readable. For example: In FFXIII, had she been more warded and less open about the whole ordeal with Lightning, she might not have been so hurt and caused herself to be held prisoner in the first place.

At the very beginning, Serah was just eighteen and fresh out of high school and on her way to Eden University for studies in History. Over summer vacation, she fell in love with Snow, who her sister found a great disliking for. During the summer, she was curious in investigating the Vestige in Bodhum and she was marked a L'cie (Fal'Cie slave) and didn't know what to do with her life. During a dream she was given her focus but she did not understand that was her focus to begin with.

Four days after being very distant and aloof to Snow, she broke up with him because she was branded a L'cie. She didn't want to make any more problems than she had and she didn't know her focus and feared turning into a Cei'th. She ran away shortly after that but Snow was going to have none of it! Snow caught her and convinced her to change her mind, saying that he'd help her figure it out and proposed eventually to her.

Serah was a mess of emotions at that time and the next two days, she met Vanille who scraped her leg. The two became fast friends after she revealed to Serah that she had some deep seeded problems. She feels that looking from a distance will give a fresh perspective and due to Snow's stubbornness she is able to gain the courage to find her mission and not become a monster. When it came to telling Lightning, she was coursed and cold to her even going so far as to tell her that she'd be 'dealt' with for being a Pulse L'cie. She made a bad choice by telling Lightning that her intentions was to marry Snow, she was a L'cie all in one shot.

Serah is driven away by Lightning and Snow and her go to seek counsel from the Fal'cie but they are found out by PSICOM. During the high speed chase, Serah is taken prisoner by the Vestige. There is a long moment in this and while she is unconscious and held prisoner, her sister actually comes for her. Snow arrives too, she didn't have much time to talk but she explains that she wants Lightning to save Cocoon. Afterwards she turned to crystal, having technically completed her focus by putting the focus on the others.

She remains crystallized until the end of the game, she comes out with Daj and finds Lightning and Snow together, even getting Lightning's permission to marry Snow. This joy is short lived because Chaos swallows up Lightning right after and nobody remembers that she stood there, only Serah does. This causes her to fall into a pit of despair, feeling like she is not crazy but something is not right.

Serah starts living with Snow and the NORA team until Snow calls off their engagement and states that he's going to search for Lightning alone. She stays in the New Bodhum until the night of the meteorite crash and Noel appears, telling her that Lightning sent him to help him find her.

She travels throughout various timelines and finds out that Etro's blessing is the reason the time became distorted and she was not able to fix it. The two of them spent time correcting paradoxes until they meet Caius Ballad and Paddra Nsu-Yeul, the two of them are the adversaries in a way. Yeul tries to keep Caius from hurting them further but she is not always there to stop him, so they often fight him on their own.

Late in the game, the plan is revealed that Caius wants to stop time and the world to save Yeul. Serah also gains the "Eyes of Etro" after touching the Oracle Drive. Throughout the rest of the story, she meets Snow after having visions and she even tries to save him herself. When the fix the paradox in the Sunleth Waterscape, Snow disappears for good and she is distraught but she has a feeling that she will see him again, hopefully soon. It was Noel that helped her to keep going and when Noel needed someone to keep him going, she was there for him.

Sooner than later, she finds out that she will die if she keeps doing what she is doing. She continues on anyway, hoping that it won't happen but after fixing all the paradoxes, she has a final vision and falls over dead, but many believe she was in a deep sleep of some sort. The world falls into Chaos after that.

I am taking her from right after she exits the portal from Valhalla and instead of going to Academia, she goes to this game!

Sample First Person Journal post:
A long time ago I was a L'cie and everyone fought so hard to help me.

I feel so alone since I've seen what happened. I know what I have to do and I just hope I don't have to go alone to do it. I would like to take the time to slow down, even for a moment with my family again. I have recently felt exhausted and nearly gave up, but then I thought of Lightning, Snow and everyone.

They've fought so hard to help me, how could I just run away and give up? I won't! I will bring everyone together again and we will be happy.

Sample Third Person post:
There she was, standing in front of Snow as the two of them met up a second time after she'd seen him disappear before her eyes. The pink-haired girl's eyes widened in what could only be described as full on happiness, she was blind with it and ran to him immediately and threw her lithe arms around Snow's massive frame,"Snow! I thought you were gone forever, I can't believe it's you. I saw you disappear!" Serah was so relieved to see her hero that there was nothing that could ruin the moment. The only thing that could make this moment better was if Lightning were here to share her happiness with them. When she was finally satisfied with the time she spent embracing him, her arms dropped to her sides.

The situation was finally relaxing and she took a deep breath, there was no way that she could explain her feelings to anyone at the moment. The second she saw him disappear from her arms, asking Noel to take care of her like that, she thought that she'd never see him again. The thought of him being lost in timespace forever or crystallizing was notably unfair for her. Serah felt that she should be able to have her family and her husband-to-be with her too, there could and would never be a replacement. A part of her wonder if it was time to ask Snow about the mark, the brand as he had powers that he should not have now.

Deciding to ask, she slowly took his hand into both of hers and pulled it close to herself. Serah gently used her free hand and peeled back the fabric of his sleeve, revealing the Pulse L'cie brand that was staring her right in the face. She knew how far along he was and he was still in the area of safety where he wasn't at risk yet, the eye hadn't even opened yet.

" did you get this L'cie brand. You didn't go ask Anima again did you? Do you know your focus?" Serah's fingers touched the branding and she easily frowned, the worried look over coming her features.

She now worried that she would lose Snow.

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